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(I realize that by writing this post, I'm breaking the first rule of Fight Club. Haha!)

I first saw Fight Club on HBO when I was in high school. I caught it midway, actually; I would have flipped the channel but Helena Bonham-Carter (not Brad Pitt) caught my attention. I've always been a fan of that woman - in my book, she is second only to Meryl Streep. Her quirkiness, matched with her acting prowess and her classic good looks, made her a favorite.
Love these two!
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By the end of the film, I went online to get the HBO program schedule so I could catch it from the start. When I saw the film in its entirety, I was not only blown away, my belief system shifted. As a kid in a material world, I had a phase when I ascribed my value to what I possessed - my shoes, my bag, my gadgets. I was never extreme that regard, but I was still a bit materialistic at the time because of my youth and my immediate environment.

Fight Club knocked that right out of me.

I also read the book, which reinforced my new outlook. You could say that the movie and the book, made me mature, at least in one facet of my life. I learned to not determine my value based on the things I wore, on the things I owned. I learned to let them go completely, which is probably one of the reasons why my entire life right now fits in an elevator. And I'm perfectly fine with that.

Chuck Palahniuk is, in a way, an edgier, more updated Milan Kundera (or at least I think so). Both writers weave philosophy into everyday realities, and in doing so, they provoked in me a strong critique of my value system, helping me determine which beliefs to hold on to and which ones to let go of as I live my life.

If you ever watch the movie, don't just look at Brad Pitt - listen to everything he says! Or better yet, read the book!


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