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It was an average Sunday evening when I got the call from Wills, inviting me to watch the stage adaptation of the Stephen King novel Carrie at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium in RCBC Plaza. I said yes immediately (it's free!), and as I was walking over, JM also called to invite me. Haha! I have the nicest friends in the universe! :)
Because I'm cheesy, I kept my ticket, of course!
I first watched the movie with my mother (the one where Sissy Spacek played the title role), and I remember being so scared that I had nightmares after! I wanted to read the book for a while, but I decided against it when, after reading a short story penned by the same author, I was unable to sleep for three whole days because of fear.
K-La Rivera is Carrie
(photo from the internet)
K-La Rivera is Carrie, and her voice is just absolutely divine! I read from an article online that she only had six days to learn everything because the original actress had to withdraw due to sickness - amazing, eh? :) The supporting cast was great, too - every single one of them played their roles to perfection. Jamie Wilson, who was also in The Full Monty, played the role of school principal.

To be honest, I had reservations about the novel/film being adapted to a musical, but it worked!  It wasn't scary (maybe because I'm a full-grown woman now, haha!), but it was still highly entertaining. It's not the most incredible theatrical experience ever, but it's not half bad. :) Thanks JM, Wills, Mark, and Lawrence! I enjoyed watching Carrie with you guys! :)


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