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Rockeoke has been around since I was in college, but back then I never really got to give it a try. My first was just this year, in Ponti. It's different from the usual "jamming" because the performing band only has a vocalist for the first couple of songs, after which they will completely turn over the singing duties to the members of the audience.

One time, I went to Bowler on a Monday night for a blind date. I actually chose the place at the egging of my friend Drev, who was the host of that night's Rockeoke. In addition, my friend who set up the date told me that the guy I was meeting is a musician, so I figured it would be fun for him, too! I sang Skid Row's I Remember You (that's becoming my go-to song these days!). My date sang, too, but I can't quite remember the song.

Fun starts at sundown, but they are open during the day, too.
(photo from the internet)
If there's one thing I learned that evening, though, it's that Rockeoke is better suited for a barkada get-together than it is for a date, moreso a blind date. Haha! We could barely hear each other speak because of the loud music. Yup, it's my fault, but I learned my lesson.

Bowler's Rockeoke Nights is on every Monday. For the unfamiliar: Bowler is located along Sedeno Street in Salcedo Village, Makati City. My favorite items on the menu is their fish and chips and the chicken fingers - and I like them even more when paired with Stella Artois, haha!


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