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I've been a music lover all my life, but I kept missing Fete de la Musique for one reason or another. So this year, I decided to just go! I put on a nice casual dress and a pair of comfortable heels, and with my "Ninang" Evoy, I headed to Heckle and Jeckle (H&J) along Felipe Street in Makati for the blues, soul, and ska stage.
Loved it!
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To the unfamiliar, Fete de la Musique is an annual music festival here in the Philippines. There are several stages for different genres of music, and there's the main stage that features the country's best bands. I didn't bother to check out the other stages; I was quite happy where Ninang and I went.

Although I'm mostly a rock music fan, I opted to go ska this time because I wanted to experience something different. I've seen my share of live rock performances, anyway, and it's much easier to find those musicians outside the festival. Besides, comfortable as my heels were, I wouldn't risk breaking my ankle in three places because I couldn't help myself in the middle of the mosh pit.

I forgot the names of the bands whose performances I caught (blame it on the Cerveza Negra), but I do remember enjoying every minute of the experience. I particularly appreciated the horn section - it made me miss Jerry, our Dumaguete-based saxophonist for Familiar, the band I managed when I was in college. The horn section adds so much character, so much maturity, to the music, and that appeals to me because I'm an old soul (or so I'm told).

It's actually a dream of mine to perform with a band with at least a sax or a trumpet, and until an opportunity comes along, I don't mind living vicariously through other bands, haha! :) I haven't decided yet which stage to see in next year's event, but unless I become a fangirl of a hot new act in a different genre by then, you'll probably find me in the ska stage again.


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