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If you ever get an email from me, you'll notice that one of the lines on my signature reads "Matchmaker." Some people think it's a joke, but let me tell you now that it isn't. I got into it because of one of my friends (who shall remain unnamed). He's a single guy in search for a partner, and because I am an awesome friend (haha!), I'm helping him look. He's trying to do the same for me, but so far he hasn't set me up on a single date. Boo!
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Anyway, the reason I decided to become a full-fledged (but not full-time) matchmaker is actually a bit silly. In the event that a couple I set up do get married, I'd like to be credited at the wedding as the person responsible for making the whole thing happen. That's all I want! I can't really make money off this (unless I turn it into an escort service, which I can't do because I have a conscience), so that's the reward for my efforts.

I profile people based on their personalities and not on their looks. I discourage showing the parties pictures of their dates before they meet up because I'm of the opinion that it could potentially get in the way of them learning to appreciate the other for their personality.

When setting people up, I ask them for the personality traits that they like, which I use as the basis for selecting the match. So far, I've managed to set several people up on dates already, and I'm more than pleased to share that one couple I've set up have been going steady for over two months now! The guy even sent me a message to say that they've been so happy and it's all because of me! WHOA! :)

Filipina women are generally conservative, and not all of them are up for a blind date, so sometimes, I have to go with them as a chaperone. But I'm a cool chaperone -once they're comfortable with each other already, I ease my way out. Haha!

Matchmaking is fun, although sometimes the coordination part could be a nightmare because of schedule conflicts. And after the date, I still have to contact both parties for feedback. I never push for a second date, though - my jurisdiction ends with the first. It's up to them if they want to take things further. If they don't go out again, I comfort myself by thinking that they both gained a new friend through me.

I hope I make my next successful match very soon! :)


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