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Even at the peak of my physical fitness, I've always been conscious of my midsection. Having a torso that's quite short for my limbs (I've been told I had monkey arms), coupled with being pear-shaped, I tend to retain weight in that general area. Which is why I swear by tops that are tight around the chest but loose around the tummy.
I bought this top when I went ukay-ukay shopping with Anna and the gang in Cubao. Aside from the reason stated above, I bought this top because of its color. I went to Ateneo, but I never owned a blue top until the day I bought this (and the odd part is that I actually owned several green shirts - the color of our rival school, haha!).

It's made of light cotton fabric so it's perfect for warm days. There's something weird about the design when you look at this piece from the side: it's a bit open. You see, unlike most tops, the front and back are actually not stitched at the side - they merely overlap. So when it's really windy, I unintentionally flash people with the very body part I'm trying to hide. Haha!

But overall, I still like this purchase. After all, that little problem could be fixed with a few stitches. And for a measly Php75 (click here for the post with the store information), I don't really have anything to be sore about.


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