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When I worked for Unilever, I pretty much shelved most of the corporate attire I've amassed from my days in SMX and in Plantersbank. Wearing clothes like that to the office will make people think that you have a job interview somewhere else, haha! So when I resigned to take the job in public relations, I had to dig through my closet to unearth my blazers.

And when I went ukay shopping with Anna and the gang, I bought this nice jacket, too:
Nice, eh?

Anna actually found this piece, and she told me to buy it for my new job. I scored this for a measly Php75 (click here for the post with the store information)! I was a bit suspicious because that was cheap for a jacket, even by ukay-ukay standards. So I checked and re-checked it for tears, and luckily for me, there were none.

For a couple of months, I didn't use this, because really, freelancers hardly have to dress up. Haha! But now that I'm back to being a corporate slave, this jacket is useful again. I love that it has a lining, so it can get really warm - perfect for the office, because it's like ice station zebra there. :)


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