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Of all the mascots of fast food chain McDonald's, I liked Hamburglar best because he's the one dressed in a color combination that didn't make my eyes hurt. That, and I'm very afraid of clowns, which takes Ronald out. I don't really know the others by name, and I don't feel the need to Google them right now. Besides, being a hamburger burglar is kind of badass, don't you think?

This top that I got from the ukay-ukay allows me to channel my inner Hamburglar:
Serving time
If I remember correctly, I paid Php75 for this - I got this from the two for Php150 rack, but I couldn't find another thing that I liked enough so I asked the saleslady to let me pay for just one. I bought this from one of the stores that I visited when I went shopping with Anna, Jane, and Chase in Cubao. Click here for the post with the store information.

It's made from 100% cotton, so it's very comfortable casual wear. It's actually long enough to be worn as a short dress (what?!?), and I did just that for a gig with Gershwin, Dawn, and Bhil at Bloggers United V. I wore a crisp black blazer to cover my arms, because right before the performance, I actually had a job interview! Haha!


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