UM / Nth impulse buy

12:00:00 AM

Okay, I get that the item in the photo below is a skirt and is thus supposed to be girly, but it's just a little too girly for me. But because a girl can never have too many skirts (or books - at least in my case), I just had to buy it when I went ukay-ukay shopping with Anna and the girls, even though I wasn't sure if I was ever going to wear it!
I paid a measly Php75 for this number (click here for the post with the store information). It's made of chiffon, like the other skirt I bought but still have not worn. It's my nth impulse buy from the ukay-ukay, which isn't really sinful considering the price.

Maybe I could wear this to a party one of these days. Or perhaps a date. :)


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