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Oftentimes, the hardest decisions we have to make involve one too many options. When we have to choose between two or three things, it's easier to weigh the pros and cons if there are fewer items on the menu. But as the number of alternatives increase, so does the number of factors to consider. Going through everything usually takes time, and in some cases, the process of analyzing the selection can be quite paralyzing.
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This day and age, the sheer number of opportunities we are confronted with can really make it difficult for us to decide. Knowing that our lives will always be a product of the choices we make, we are worried that making a decision without considering everything first might lead to something we will eventually regret. But since the world will not stop revolving to wait for us to make up our minds, we need to decide - sooner, rather than later. Stalling does not change the inevitable.

Perhaps the prospect of choosing one thing from a wide variety could be overwhelming, so the best way to handle the situation is to narrow the list down. Reduce the choices by 50%! Just get rid of the options that are not as important as the others; any person with at least an average level of self-awareness should be able to do this.

From the reduced list, do the pros and cons exercise. Be as honest and as objective as you can; you should never try to fool anyone, especially yourself. Figure out what you want. Or if you don't know it yet, then acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and play to the former. Consult peopke for advice, but take everything you hear with a grain of salt. And don't ask God to decide for you.

Someone once asked me if I believed in destiny, and although I'm partly romantic, partly spiritual, I actually think of destiny as the excuse of the weak. It's the defense of people who are afraid to make decisions because they're afraid to take responsibility for the results of their choices. They're afraid to be wrong when they shouldn't be - mistakes are worth making if the lesson is learned!

I believe that God is good, and he helps those who help themselves. Take control of your life, be responsible for yourself, make the decision. Good luck! :)


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