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For a person who is really not into clubbing, I find myself in clubs quite a lot. It's not my thing, but almost all my friends are into it, which is why I still go to those places. One of them is Hyve in Bonifacio Global City. It opened this year, and people seem to really flock there! I've been there twice already, and they were packed both times!
Super fun night, haha!
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The first time I went, I actually dragged my friend and business partner and landlord Jerry to accompany me (my friend Ibba put us on the guest list). He's an electronic dance music aficionado, so I figured he'd enjoy it there - and he did. He even looked up one of the songs we heard there and added it to his playlist.

I like the crowd in Hyve; everyone was there to just have a good time - no fighting and no drama (I guess it helps that there's a lot of security personnel there, haha!). I also appreciate that the loo is nice and clean, and it even has a nice view of the city.

Although I'm not a fan of club music, or of dancing, for that matter, I like Hyve. It's a bit pricey for me, but it is a nice place so I guess they have the right to charge a premium. Besides, I wouldn't go here everyday even if I had money to spare; I still would rather sit and drink somewhere in Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati!

But I wouldn't mind coming back to Hyve. In fact, I already went back there with new friends Aisha, Denise, Valorie, and Nate - and they told me I finished more than half of our bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label. Sorry guys! I didn't want the alcohol to go to waste! :)


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