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My friend Chase left for the US a few months back, but before she did, her friends organized a small sendoff for her in Vask, this really nice Spanish restaurant on the fifth floor of Clipp Center in Bonifacio Global City. The place is a bit hard to find - Alexei and I got lost on the way there, actually - but it's definitely worth the trip.
Super nice
(photo from the internet)
I'm no expert in Spanish cuisine, but the dishes I sampled here are quite good, as are their cocktails. They're a bit pricey, but I think it's worth every penny I spent, if only for the ambiance. We were seated in the al fresco area of the restaurant, which has a nice view of the emerging urban jungle (although at the time we went, there was a crane blocking the view on one side, haha!).
Glowing dinosaur egg
The egg lamps on the al fresco tables were just too cute! The color of the light changes from pink to yellow to blue to green, but if you don't like that effect, you can keep it still at one shade. That would be perfect for my room - too bad I forgot to ask the manager where they bought the lamps from.

Another thing that I appreciate about Vask is that it's quiet enough for really great conversations. Which is what we had that night, as we bid her farewell. I met Chase's other friends, too - that would not have been possible in a club with crazy loud music. Anyway, she's coming back this December, and I promised to take her ukay-ukay shopping again for Christmas! :)


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