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If you've ever had the chance to work with me in an office, you would know that I am a serial snacker, and most people would agree that that's the right thing to do - small, frequent meals are the way to go. But the thing is, I was only doing half of the right thing because I ate proper portions of all the wrong things: chips, chocolates, burgers, fries, and so on.

In recent months, I've grown more conscious of my food choices. I ditched the sugar, MSG, saturated fat, and cholesterol for healthier calories. Below are my three favorite snacks:
Love this snack!
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1. Yogurt
-It's enough to satiate hunger, but it doesn't leave me feeling  to full, either. It helps with digestion because of the live microorganisms, and I appreciate that a variety of fruit flavors is readily available in the market. I actually eat only yogurt for dinner now! :) My personal favorite is Nestle Acti-V (strawberry). It's available in all major groceries and convenience stores.

Second fave
(photo from the internet)
2. Sky Flakes Fit Flaxseed Crackers
-I grew up eating the plain, classic Sky Flakes, but ever since they developed their Fit product line, I've made the switch! It's a cheaper alternative to imported flaxseed crackers, but to me it tastes just as good. They're light and tasty, and they go well with the chicken or tuna spreads that I like to make. Tip: You could actually dip it in pesto sauce, too! :) Like Nestlet Acti-V Yogurt, Sky Flakes Fit Flaxseed Crackers is available in all major groceries and convenience stores.

Thanks Oliver!
3. Almonds
-My guilty-pleasure, budget-wise! It's quite expensive at Php350 for 200 grams, but it's worth it! Almonds contain oils that are good for the heart and good for the skin, so I indulge occasionally. It's not available in most grocery chains, though, so I usually buy from the Eastwood Gourmet Market, or in Greenbelt 1. I text 0917-815-7650 to check where they'll be selling before I even go to either location.

Happy eating!


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