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One random day, while I was working in Kodanda Archery Range, my boss Bob gave me a black leather-bound journal! Too awesome! When I got it, I remember giggling like a crazy happy little girl. You might think I overreacted because it's just a notebook, but because I will never cease to be a journal addict (unless, of course, I cease to exist, haha!), the best gift anyone could ever give me is a notebook.
It closely resembles a Moleskine, which is another reason why I love it! The thin, acid-free paper is the perfect match for my blue Inoxcrom fountain pen. I started using the notebook just this October, when I finally consumed the pages of my previous journal, which was a red, felt-bound mini-notebook. I named it Bobby, after my boss.

So far, I've managed to write at least every other day, recapping two days' worth of happenings. I 'minimize' the bad and I emphasize the good, because I'd like for it to have a generally positive vibe when I read through it in the future. For bad experiences, I dwell on the lesson learned and not the details of my misfortune. I also write prayers here; it's one of the ways I talk to God.

Keeping a journal helps me stay sane in a world of overwhelming stimuli. It helps me focus my energy to one thing - writing - and at the same time it gives me that wealth of memories. My grandmother had Alzheimer's Disease, so she never really shared any stories from her youth with me. I hope I never get that disease, but if I do, then at least my journals would let me tell my story even if I no longer remember it.


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