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In a number of posts, I mentioned a startup creative project that I'm involved with. We did a shoot with Ellen Adarna in Fitbox Technogym, Erin Lane in Subic Yacht Club, DJ Amely in Bond, and Tricia Centenera with the Lamborghini in Parallax Studios. I already wrote about how circumstances have made me part of the team, and I have to say it's one of the best random things that has ever happened to me! :)
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My official designation is Managing Editor. I give input on branding and content, but the bulk of the job is coordination. I make sure that everything we need for the shoot is there - from the makeup artist to the stylist, from the props and equipment to the venue, and so on. It's my job to oversee all the details of the production so that the director and photographer and talent/s can produce great material.

A friend told me that being Managing Editor is one of the most difficult jobs in media, which is why few people want (or are fit for) the post. To be honest, though, I don't find it difficult, or at least not yet. We don't have frequent shoots because everyone in the team has other jobs that need to be prioritized. Maybe, when the project really takes off and we start to have simultaneous shoots, I'll understand why they say it's hard to be Managing Editor.

But I think I'll keep at it even when it becomes really difficult because I like coordination work. I like being that force that makes things happen. I like negotiating exchange deals. I like setting schedules. I like tapping my connections to deliver difficult requirements. I get an incredible sense of fulfillment when I'm able to mount a production. Also, I appreciate that I get rewarded for a job well-done. I'm with a good team, and I'm learning a lot from them. I can't wait for our project to take off! Wish us luck! :)


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