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I previously wrote about Jake O'Neal, a musician from Boulder, Colorado that I "bumped into" online. As a self-confessed sucker for independently-produced music, I listened to his work and I was totally blown away! I emailed him to offer to write about him, and in one of our exchanges, he mentioned that he also has a band called Summa.
(photo from Jake O'Neal)
Summa was formed in the fall of 2012. Jake met fellow Boulder musician Max Grossman, and after becoming friends, they decided to start collaborating. To complete the band, the invited Miles Bragg to play bass, and James Thorpe to play guitar. The group's name is a Latin word commonly used in philosophy to refer to a comprehensive treatise.

And I guess the name is quite appropriate, stemming from a coalescence of influences ranging from Kings of Leon to Coldplay, and even Muse! Despite the mainstream influences, though, their music still has that distinct indie pop rock character. It's the kind of music I would listen to during my daily commute.

You can listen to their music by clicking on this link ( You can also buy their album from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify,, and Google Play. Enjoy! :)


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