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I have an entire closet (well, some sort of a closet) full of dresses, most of which I got from ukay-ukay shops. In general, my dresses are in safe colors and prints, and the designs are pretty simple. So I was surprised that I bought this dress when I went thrift shop-hopping with Anna and the girls in Cubao:
To be honest, it's a bit too frilly for my taste, but because it fits me nicely, I shelled out a measly Php75 to bring it home. It's perfect for casual days when I'm feeling especially girly. With a pair of flats, it's great for a coffee date, or with flipflops, it's perfect for a beach party! I'm thinking of wearing this on a Friday to go to work; I just have to find the right jacket.

Click here for the post with the store information.


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