UM / Yet another office dress

12:00:00 AM

Lately, I've been posting nothing but the stuff I bought during the ukay-ukay getaway with Anna and the girls, and you can expect more of the same because that's how much loot I scored then! :) The dress below is one of them:
It's made of a semi-stretchable fabric that's actually thick enough to not need lining. It's not very visible in the photo, but it actually has light pinstripes, and there are slits on both sides that end halfway up the thighs.  

I got this for only Php75 (click here for the post with the store information). With a black blazer, it's perfect for the office. I'm thinking of wearing it over a sleek black turtleneck, although I'm not sure if it would work. Haha! I wouldn't exactly pick this dress for a date, but it's definitely okay for after-office dinner with friends. 


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