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(photo by Abigail Kraft)
Being a nature girl, I have this incredible attachment to Dumaguete. I've already made plans to retire here, but before I get to that age when I'm probably too old to climb rocks or jump off cliffs, I'm trying to experience all the best things that Negros Island has to offer. One of them is Malabo Waterfalls.
I am in sheer awe.

The waterfall is absolutely marvelous, as you can very well see from the photo above. But the thing is, even the journey there was just as incredible, and to be honest, there are not enough words in any language to approximate the beauty of nature that I got to experience that day we visited Malabo Waterfalls.
Passenger view!
Although Jerry has a car, he decided to bring his bike for this trip. When I asked him why, he said that a bike will let me really enjoy the journey. He was so right! Going there, the river was on my right side, while the mountain was on my left. Apparently, we went through a valley. There were rough roads, too, and because I was on a bike, I was afraid to take too many photos for fear of dropping my phone when we hit a pothole. Below are what I managed to take:
Sulfur smells like rotten eggs.
It's the journey.
The river
And when we got to the resort, I was treated to not one, but TWO waterfalls, plus a freshwater pool with the cool and clean water straight from one of the two waterfalls. I'll let the photos do the talking:
The gates
By the pool
From another angle
One of the two waterfalls has orange rocks because of the sulfur-rich water. To get to the waterfall, I had to take this semi-dangerous rocky path. But it was worth the risk; when I got there, I waded in the water for a few minutes. I didn't go directly under the falls, though, because I wasn't sure if I could handle it - there were no lifeguards around, and should anything happen, medical care was at least an hour away. I may be a risk-taker, but I didn't want my friends to worry. :)
Water isn't potable, but it's great for bathing. :)
This is where the water flows. 
This is the semi-dangerous path I was talking about. :)
The water from the other waterfall was different - it didn't really have significant sulfur content, so the rocks didn't have that orange shade. The pool water came from this waterfall; it was a few degrees away from freezing, but it was amazing.
Other side.
Daym. Haha
I have to come back to this place on my next visit. :) If you're ever in Dumaguete, head to Valencia. The destination is worth the trip. Oh wait - the journey and the destination ARE worth the trip. :)


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