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Yes, I was among the people who spent the 2014 Labor Day weekend in Boracay. But for the record, I did not have a hand in polluting the beautiful beach, I promise! In fact, I didn't attend a single party while I was there. I don't have anything against partying, but for me, it was something I can do in Manila anyway so I didn't really feel the need to do it there. I saved my energy for swimming, island hopping, parasailing, and of course, the mandatory CLIFF DIVING!
I've done this before, but there's always going to be a bit of fear.
(photo by Edryan Lorenzo)
And here we go!!!
(photo by Edryan Lorenzo)
My friend and Boracay travel buddy Ed took this video of me jumping off the cliff in Magic Island. Thank you, Ed, you're just too awesome! :)

Like my jump in Siquijor, the Magic Island leap was just absolutely exhilarating! I wanted to go to Ariel's Point, but it was a bit too expensive for me - I didn't really have that much pocket money for this trip; I was just incredibly lucky that my friend JM sponsored my accommodations. :) THANK YOU, JM! You're the best! :)


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