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I started March 2014 with a brand new project - I got involved in the mixed martial arts scene in the Philippines. I became part of Academy Fighting Championship, the biggest amateur mixed martial arts league in the country and the most active in the world. I traveled to Angeles City, Pampanga to help out in the event, and I never looked back.
And the winner is
Although I've been watching UFC on television for years now, I've never actually had the chance to watch a real, live fight. It's an incredibly different experience, and it convinced me that MMA is a sport that any self-respecting fan MUST watch live.

For the Angeles event, I was just supposed to help out with production, but I found myself at the edge of my seat, watching the fights with gusto. When you're there, you see every punch, tackle, hit. You hear every slam, call, yell. If you're close enough, you can almost smell the blood and sweat. You feel the fighters' hunger to win - and more often than not, the hungrier ones win and become great.

I was merely a spectator - safe outside the octagon cage - but I felt this really incredible rush. It's similar to what I felt when I was nearing the finish line of the adidas KOTR's 16.8km run.

My involvement with AFC opened another door for me - I'm now officially part of the Universal Reality Combat Championship. It's a completely new world for me, and I'm excited! Some of the people I've met have convinced me to start training in MMA, so I will later this year. I'll admit I'm a bit scared - I've never really been in a physical fight before - but I'm looking forward to the training the same way I felt about running when I was just starting. It's an exciting way to stay fit!

Wish me luck!


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