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Although the sport that I've been obsessing about in recent years is runningswimming will always be my first love. As I've shared in a previous post, I was six years old when I was first enrolled in formal lessons, although I've been a water baby long before that. Whenever I go on beach trips, I am never the type to just stay put - I always have to be in the water, conquering lap after lap.
Into the blue! Boracay 2014
(photo taken by Edryan Lorenzo)
The pool in our condo is just a tad too small for any real laps, and I don't really have time to head to ULTRA or to Amoranto Sports Complex to train. But the one time I went to ULTRA with Hannah, she took a video of me swimming (she also captured the guy who was asking me for swimming tips), my form has changed a lot for the worse in recent years due to lack of practice. Watch the video below:

My days as a competitive swimmer are long gone, and I don't really plan to bring back those glory days. But once a swimmer, always a swimmer - there will never be another sport that can give me the same peaceful feeling I get when I'm swimming. I guess you can take the girl out of the water, but you can never take the water out of the girl. Haha!


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