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Brace yourselves - I will be writing a lot about Dumaguete in the coming days! :)

The lovely town of Valencia was one of my stops for this year's trip, and Jerry brought me to Red Rock Hot Spring, a single-pool "resort" (I don't even know if I should call it that). It was the BEST hot spring I've ever had the chance to wade in. Having grown up in Laguna, a hot spring region, that statement means a lot coming from me. This was supposed to fall under First-Time Friday, but the health benefits made me decide to move the publish date to Tuesday.
Jerry getting an instant massage!
The water is warm, but not scorching. It was the perfect temperature, and it was just absolutely relaxing. I could almost literally feel all the tension in my body melting and getting washed away by the water. The water was rich in sulfur, which I learned was good for the skin, too! I have a mild pimple problem (which is aggravated by stress and lack of sleep), so that was definitely a bonus!
Metal streaks
When I asked Jerry what I needed to bring, he only had one bit of instruction - DO NOT WEAR WHITE. Apparently, the sulfur in the water will turn white clothing red. I guess the mineral content really was so high that the pool's rock bottom had these wonderful metallic streaks. Too bad I didn't have a waterproof camera - it was a wonderful, natural work of art!
Lost in paradise
We stayed there for less than an hour, but after the experience, I felt better than I usually did after an hour-long massage. It's a combination of the serene surroundings and the therapeutic waters - the whole experience was just absolutely wonderful.


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