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If there's one thing I absolutely love about my iPod (aside from the music, duh), it's the Nike Fitness+ app! It's loaded with all the features I need to help me get better at running.
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Although I've conquered longer distances like 10K and 16.8K, my usual workout is limited to 5K. Translated to time, that's about 30 minutes, and I always strive to beat my personal record. What I appreciate about the app is that I no longer have to manually track my progress - Nike Fitness+ records every single run.

While running, especially on the streets, I don't really have the luxury of checking on the iPod every five minutes to monitor the distance I've run so far. For this reason, I really appreciate the voice prompt that tells me my exact time and distance at any given point - I just have to press a button and I get the information I want. This allows me to budget my remaining time. On days when I'm really determined to beat my record, I'll know when I absolutely need to sprint. :)

If you've just started running and you're thinking about buying a device that will help you, I suggest you try the iPod. Or you could just download this app on your smartphone! I'm not a world-class marathoner, but I think I've covered enough miles to be considered credible when I make a recommendation. And I totally recommend this app for all runners out there! :)


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