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More often than not, I find myself disappointed in film adaptations of the books that I've read. I understand that due to limitations such as time and budget, some elements need to be sacrificed, but I still couldn't help but feel that way. The Bridges of Madison County is quite the exception, though, and that's because Meryl Streep gave the character depth that the book failed to give.

Life of Pi is another exception.
Visually stunning
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Indomitable will
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Don't get me wrong, the book is beautifully-written and the story is nothing short of amazing, but in some parts, I found it rather dragging. It took me two months to finish it, because it's not one of those books that make me want to keep turning the page even if I have to wake up early the next day.

Again, let me reiterate that the story is nothing short of amazing. The twist in the end broke my heart to bits and sent tears down my face. But reading it was a difficult journey for me, perhaps because I felt that the character suffered too much and at a certain point, it became redundant. Maybe that's just me; I fully respect contrasting opinions but I'm not going to apologize for mine.

But that doesn't make the book any less of a must-read, because it is. Pi's story is one of indomitable will.

The movie was an absolute visual feast (it had Ang Lee written all over it) and I enjoyed it immensely. The visual effects team totally deserved that Oscar win, as did cinematographer Claudio Miranda. Suraj Sharma's Pi Patel was a revelation. As a daughter who understands the pain of losing a parent, his performance reminded me of how I felt when my mother passed away.

Life of Pi is both a must-read and a must-see, although I wouldn't blame anyone who would choose the movie over the book.


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