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My mother is from the small rural town of Paete, Laguna, which is dubbed "Bayan ng Malikhain" (Town of the Creative), and for this reason, I've always had an affinity for places that inspire creativity. Dumaguete is one of those places, which is why I always make it a point to have with me a pen and a notepad when I'm here. Everything about the island just makes me want to write - I'm actually writing this post here in El Amigo, a local cafe, bar, and art gallery.
And everything
The welcoming committee
On my last trip, Jerry brought me to Gabby's Bistro first. This time, however, he brought me to El Amigo, and here I met a lot of artists, too - with my "welcoming committee" comprised of a musician, a thespian, and a writer. Since Minimik, his group's former hangout, closed down, they've moved to this place. Although I was a bit saddened to learn that Minimik's gone, I actually like this new place better.
The walls are alive
For starters, there are nice paintings here that remind me of the art in Kape Quesada in Paete. The pieces are made my local artists here in Dumaguete. The food is decent, and the coffee (especially the Vietnamese coffee) is really good, and it's really conducive to my writing. And when caffeine wouldn't cut it, there's booze on the menu.
And yes, there's booze.
I was here almost every day during my eight-day trip, and the people I've met are just absolutely amazing. I wish it will still be here when I get back. I think I'll be able to finish a novel in a few months if I could live here in Dumaguete and do nothing else! :)


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