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I'm not a fan of reggae for reasons I refuse to disclose, but my friend Jerry speaks very highly of Reggae Wednesdays in Hayahay Treehouse Bar and Viewing Deck that I just had to make an exception. I wanted to go there on my first trip to Dumaguete, but because I cut my foot on a coral reef in Apo Island, I spent my time in the hospital instead. Which is why, on my second trip, I just had to include it in my itinerary.
From across the street
Boy, it was every bit as fun as it was described to me! The music was great - Dumaguete is, after all, a creative hub, so it should come as no surprise that their musicians are just absolutely incredible. In addition, the island vibe just makes everything better. From across the street, I listened to the music while drinking Red Horse beer.

I wanted to jam with the band but I got a bit too drunk from our game of beer pong - which I won with my new Dumaguete friend, Hopia. Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have had too much too early! But even if I wasn't able to take over microphone duties, I kept singing in between beer pong turns anyway, so yes, I still had a ton of fun. I had an awesome time with great music and incredible company. :)


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