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Although I studied in Ateneo for four years, during which time I actually had a number of gigs, I never got the chance to sing at Route 196 in Katipunan Extension. I was there a lot - I even celebrated my birthday there once - but I never got to sing. So when my friend Paul Pajo asked me to join the lineup for his April 15 event, I just had to say yes.
I love my guitarist's wife for being SUPER SUPPORTIVE! :)
(photo taken by Ava Zabat)
Luckily, Gershwin was free that evening. We performed as Manaha - the first of the band with me taking on vocal duties. It would have been nicer if Dawn could make it, but sadly, he had work. So that night, and in the other two gigs that followed, it was just me and Gersh. We performed a five-song set, with two of the songs written by me, and the other three by him.

My friends Denise, Aisha, and Valerie showed up, as did Eros! Given that it was my first time in Route 196, my first time to sing as the vocalist of Manaha, and my first time to sing in an actual gig that isn't a wedding, I was a nervous wreck. But knowing that they were there to cheer me on made me feel so much better about the whole thing, and I think I did okay. :)

I have yet to memorize the lyrics to our own songs. Yeah, yeah, worst singer ever, right?


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