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Ever since Gershwin and I finally decided on reprising his band, Manaha, we've been on the lookout for possible gigs. We played once at Bloggers United, but we called our group Karma in Cans then, so I guess it doesn't really count as a Manaha gig. We haven't really had much luck landing gigs after that, partly because we were both too busy with work to squeeze in rehearsal time, and because neither of us have been active in the music scene in recent years.
(photo by Corinne Pagdagdagan)
Luckily for us, my friend Paul Pajo heard me sing one random day in Cyrano, and we talked a bit about Manaha. His production, Sonic Logo, is constantly looking for unknown acts who want to share their music with the world, and right then and there, he invited our band to join the roster for Saguijo. Naturally, we said yes! I mean, COME ON! Saguijo is an artist's ultimate playground, and it's a dream come true for both of us to perform there!

We almost had to cancel, by the way. I caught the flu the Sunday before that Tuesday gig, and I was bedridden all of Monday. But a Saguijo gig was just too good for me to pass up, so we marched on! I was coughing at every gap, but magically, I managed to sing the entire set without a hitch. My friend Corinne went there with her boyfriend, Rico, and Gersh's friends from AUB also came to support, as did his wife, Ava. I guess having friends in the audience really helps! Haha!



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