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For the nth time since I started this blog, I'm violating the "Ukay Monday" category by featuring something that I didn't really get from a thrift shop. However, since the item is actually made from recycled pages of old magazines, I guess you could still consider it pre-loved. :)
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It's called the RULA (Radically Unique Lifestyle Accessories) Bag, and I'm the proud owner of one! I didn't actually buy it, though - I won it in an office raffle! Woot!

As earlier mentioned, the RULA Bag is fashioned from the pages of old magazines cut into strips and woven together to create the "fabric" from which the bag is formed. They sew in the lining and the zipper, and voila - a chic clutch that would make any eco-fashionista proud! I've actually used this to a couple of parties already and people found it really nice - as they should! :)

Leah Sison-Galisim is a former corporate trainer turned social entrepreneur - the force behind the RULA Bag. This project empowers women economically and financially without any major change in their lifestyle; since the products are handmade, they could do it while watching television!

And oh - it makes for good snippet reading when you're bored at a party! Haha!


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