And I still miss her.

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Yesterday was her birthday. It's almost four years since she passed away, but I still celebrate her birthday. She would have been 58 years old already, had cancer not snatched her away from us. Living without her has become easier as time marched on, but I know for certain that I will never stop missing her, that I will never stop loving her.
At her absolute worst, she remains ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.
I'm turning 28 this year, but I still find myself longing for her often. I think about her when I achieve something, and I pray for her to know that everything is for her. I think about her when I get hurt, because no other person can take away my pain the way she did. I think about her when I meet new people, and I always tell myself what she taught me - to make the lives of the people I encounter a little better than before I met them.
At Kuya's Grade 7 graduation
If there's one thing her death has taught me, it's that you never really stop loving people, even those who are no longer with you. Love changes - an infatuation could grow to become strong, romantic love, or strong, romantic love could be reduced to the friendly sort - but it remains. It is a decision you make that you cannot "un-decide;" you choose to love a person, be it a family member, a partner, or a friend, and you love that person for life.
Ain't she gorgeous? :)
I'm probably the luckiest woman to walk the earth for having her as a mother. More than a mother, actually, she's a great friend, one that I will never stop loving even though she's out of my life for a while now. God, I miss her.

Happy birthday, you beautiful woman, you! :)


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