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I've been to a lot of places in my lifetime - including Saudi Arabia, haha! - but I have NEVER been to Cebu. Until June 27, 2014, that is. And oh my goodness, the place is absolutely beautiful! I'm a Cebu virgin no more, thanks to the Asian Carriers Conference 2014, woot! :)

We left Manila at 530am, which meant I didn't sleep a wink: I came from a Manaha gig at 70s Bistro (I'll write about that soon), and then I went to 12 Monkeys in Century City Mall to watch Franco and Urbandub (again, will write about that soon). After the gig, Franco, Reese and I ate at Burger King Valero, and then we went to my condo to get my stuff so I can get a lift to Manila. But I stupidly left my ticket in the condo, so I had to go back for it. Just when I thought I was set, I left my wallet in Franco's car, which meant I had to go all the way to Bicutan. ARGH! But I still made it in time, yay!
Team photo, taken at Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan.
Team ACC FTW! :)
But whatever, I was too excited to need any sleep anyway! It was first time in Cebu, and I loved every minute of the day trip. I'll let the photos I took do most of the talking. I took over 100 photos during the day trip (I know, I know, I'm such a tourist!), but I couldn't help myself! Thank you, Lala and Lendro, for drafting me for this project as a writer and marketing manager! Love you guys! :)
It was a rainy morning in Manila, but the weather failed to dampen my spirits!
Kuya Marc, Lala's husband, agreed to switch seats with me so I could see everything! Yay!
Clouds this close never fail to take my breath away.
These beauties are the reason I almost always prefer a daytime flight. 
Our first stop is Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa.
It took at all my strength to fight the urge to go for a dip.
For the ladies - wouldn't it be nice to be asked to marry someone here?
I'm not a particularly romantic person, but I'd have to be hard of heart to resist this.
This reminds me of the film The Great Gatsby (the Baz Luhrmann  adaptation).
Oh, what I wouldn't give to hop on one of those boats and cruise to the middle of nowhere!
This spot gives a whole new meaning to the term "al fresco dining."
Stairway to heaven.
And by heaven, I mean the beach.
This view + mango shake + good book + bikini = LIFE
I would have stolen one if not for the glass case. Haha! :)
Our next stop was Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan.
Equally beautiful!
The mandatory tourist shot! :)
Back story - this outfit is my AB Housewife outfit -
someone commented that I look like a soccer mom who stayed in shape
after three kids. Not sure if that's a compliment,
but I'll take it as one. Haha!
Water tiers. Two pools, and then the beach. Breathtaking, eh?
I just love the varying shades of blue.
This was taken at around 3pm, and I was really wishing I had a bikini.
This is the same beach, as seen from the dock. 
We also dropped by Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu.
During my time in SMX Convention Center, this development was the talk of the company.
It's huge! And it's pretty, nice, too. 
Who knew I was an artist? Haha :)
If you're not a native Cebuano, no trip to Cebu is complete without Cebu lechon.
This trip also marked my first time to fly at night.
The cabin lights were dimmed so we can enjoy the view.
I love that these lights formed an infinity. This is already in Manila, just not sure where.

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