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I'm not really the type to book an expensive hotel room only to spend most of my time in the great outdoors. I always, always travel on a budget, and for this reason, I don't really get to stay in luxury hotels. Luckily for me, though, my projects allow me to stay in nice places, free of charge! I've already had the chance to spend the night in Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila, and Crimson Hotel Alabang.
Is it September yet?!?!
This September, I'll be able to stay in Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa in Cebu City. I cannot contain my excitement, especially after I saw the place for a one-day ocular last June 27. I already posted about the trip last Friday, since it was my first time in Cebu, but I didn't really get to go into detail about the hotel.

Lush. Luxurious. Paradise. Those are the first three words that popped into my head the moment I laid eyes on the property. The development is harmoniously integrated with nature, and the result is absolutely stunning. It reminds me something Tilda Swinton said in the film "The Beach" - "even paradise needs taming.

I must have pissed people off when I flooded my Instagram account with photos of Shangri-La, but if it's your first time there, you just couldn't help it. And to be honest, the photos don't even do the real thing justice. (Apologies for those who got fed up with my posting rampage. At least they're not selfies, haha!)

Shangri-La's chain of hotels and resorts is known for attention to detail, and the Mactan property did not disappoint. Even the ashtrays - they were topped with seashell molded from beach sand, plus a flower on the side. Not one thing was left to chance, and I admire that in any hospitality institution.

I can't wait for September, when I'll stay there for about a week for the event I'm co-working on! :)


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