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Jerry included Dauin in my travel itinerary for this year's Dumaguete visit. It's the town before Zamboanguita, where Malatapay Tabo was. After a hearty lunch of lechon and corn, we drove back to Dauin to have coffee and take a dip (me, at least) at Pura Vida Beach and Dive Resort.
The place was absolutely perfect. While I'll admit that the sand is nowhere near that of Boracay's, this beach's peace and quiet is just unmatched. Jerry and I practically had the entire beach to ourselves - no loud noises, no parties, no rowdy crowd. Just us, and nature at its most glorious midday beauty.
Not one to ever pass up a chance to swim, I took a dip. There were no diving platforms, so I just had to settle for the "dive" photographed below - just so I'd have a new photo for my "Into the Sea" Facebook album. Haha! Jerry took the photo, and we actually had to do several takes before we got one that I could post. Thanks, Jerry! You're just too awesome! :)
My mandatory "into the sea" shot
Maybe it's my painfully obvious bias for the great outdoors, but for some reason, the coffee there tasted soooooo much better that I had two cups! I wasn't in the mood for booze, but a part of me totally considered ordering a Screaming Orgasm. Haha! I don't know if the food is any good, since we already ate in Malatapay before we went here, so I can't really make any recommendations.
Interesting cocktail. Hmm.
I took this vacation in the middle of an extremely busy week/month/year in the city - my soul begged for a break, a trip to the place it considers home. I'm glad I did. One whiff of the sea breeze matched with the sound of gentle waves and rays and rays of sunshine is enough to piece a broken spirit together. I'd love to visit again soon, and maybe, just maybe, I could join a dive expedition, too.
Even paradise needs taming.
If you're visiting Dumaguete but you want to stay outside of the city proper, Pura Vida is a good choice for you. For more information, visit the resort's website by clicking here.


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