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I've previously written about massage therapy and its benefits. The ones I used to get from my swimming coach and my personal trainer in Fitness First were the best! At the peak of my short-lived athletic career (haha!), I never had problems with "lamig" - the nodules that form on one's shoulders and upper back that cause pain. It's usually caused by stress, exposure to unnatural cold, and/or prolonged periods of inactivity.

But since I no longer have access to those people (and it would be weird to go to them just for a massage, haha!), I just go to spas for my R&R (rest and recovery). In Eastwood, I'd often get massages at Bikram Yoga. But when I moved to Makati, Hagod Spa and Nail Care along Palanca Street in Legaspi Village has become my absolute favorite spot.

My friend Rick actually owns the place (he's also part-owner of Cyrano Wine Shop). I've been hanging out in the wine shop for a while before I even learned about the spa, and I'm just glad I did. They have the best menu of treatments, and at pretty good prices, too! I've tried almost everything on their services list, and of all the massage treatments, my favorite is aromatherapy.
Hagod literally translates to "massage," but in Filipino, it has so much more meaning than that - restfulness, relaxation, and even care and healing. And being Bulakenya, I absolutely love the Tagalog twist on their menu! The words they used are the connotations of hagod in different dialects.

The place is open from 1pm until midnight from Mondays to Sundays. It's perfect for people who work somewhere in Legaspi Village - they can easily sneak out for a quick pampering treatment - be it a maniped, a foot spa, or a full body massage. If you're ever in the area, do check it out! You can also call ahead for a reservation - their number is (02) 893.3698. It's located at the Basement of The Colonnade Residences. Enjoy!


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