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On more than one post, I talked about a "start-up creative project" but I never really said anything more than that. I was very careful about what I wrote about the project because I didn't really know what I was allowed to say. But now I can share - we are SevenVIP, and WeSexify! We are the team behind the YouTube viral hit, Ellen Adarna Exercise Video. We're coming out with more stuff so watch out! :)

Anyway, on one of our meetings, director Raffy Francisco, , who is also a running enthusiast, gave me an awesome gift - my very own Boa Belt Bag! I showed up in my favorite running attire - my loose jersey from my altitude run in Baguio, a pair of black shorts, and my trusty Nike Free running shoes. He asked if I came from a run, and when I told him I was going to after the meeting, he gave me the bag! :)
I can go farther! :)
It's not your average running belt bag because it's not JUST a running belt bag - you can use it to secure your keys, passports, and cash when you're traveling. What I love about the Boa Belt Bag is that I don't have to spend extra on a water bottle to match the belt bag - any shape is okay. So I can choose a medium-sized bottle so I'll still have extra space for my phone. Awesome, right? :) Get yours! :)

I got so excited about this gift that I immediately took it out for a spin! Now I'm excited to run and get fit again! :) 


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