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My midsection has always, always been my problem. I've been blessed with long limbs and cursed with an "abnormally short torso," so a little weight gain in the abdominal area becomes so pronounced. It doesn't help that I'm a pear-shaped woman, so my small arms just look so much smaller in contrast with my waist and hips.

I don't know how true this is, and frankly, I'm too lazy to confirm - but my long legs and short torso contribute to my problems with balance. According to my friend who's addicted to physics, my center of gravity is too high. Haha! But it is true that balance is another problem I'm dealing with, and this means I have to work twice as hard on my midsection. I need to get stronger in that area, as well as in my lower back.

Whenever I throw a strong punch, I get thrown off-balance - and that's a huge problem especially when I want to do multiple combinations. This is another reason why it is absolutely imperative to strengthen my abs. I think I've made progress, because underneath the jiggly fat, my muscles are actually quite firm already, haha!
Never skip the abs!
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So here's the combination that my boxing coach makes me do every time I train in BAMF that you can try at home - any beginner can do this, I promise:

1. Sit-ups - 20 reps
2. Modified sit-ups for lower abs - 20 reps
3. Leg raises - 20 reps
4. Side curls - 20 reps
5. Bicycle - 20 counts
6. Planking - 30 seconds

Sometimes, he'd throw in side passes with the medicine ball, to focus on my sides. And depending on the intensity of my workout, I'd have to do these drills twice.


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