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Since I started in URCC last March, I've been shuttling back and forth to Paranaque to go to BAMF Mixed Martial Arts Center for regular meetings. But it's only recently that I showed up for more than just a meeting - I finally got started with boxing. Alfred, the URCC matchmaker, encouraged me to give it a shot. It's not exactly super convenient for me (I live in Makati), but since my work takes me to BAMF at least once a week for meetings anyway, I might as well train there. 
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I've been putting it off because of work, because I had to go on a week-long vacations to Boracay and then Dumaguete, and because I'm a wuss. Haha! But I gave in, and now I'm doing boxing to get fit. Not thin, but FIT. And the results are already visible, according to my friend Jan, who told me that my stomach is now flat (I won't include the expletives here anymore, but he dropped a lot). I guess it helps that I still try to run and do yoga on non-boxing days.
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I've had four sessions so far. For now, Franco agreed to lend me his gloves, so I just bought wraps. But I'll buy my own gloves if I do decide to pursue it beyond July (I don't want to spend so much and then realize it's not for me). Martial arts isn't for everyone, and although I'm fascinated by it, I don't know for certain if it's something I see myself doing for the long-term. At least not yet. But it's a really good workout, and I'm liking it so far.

If you're from the Philippines and you're interested in BJJ, boxing, muay thai, and/or wrestling, BAMF is the best place to get started. Everything you'll need to get better is there. When you first walk in, you might get a little intimidated, but once you're settled in, the place, and the people you encounter, will make you want to train. 


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