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What I hate about my current schedule is that I don't have as much time to read anymore. It's not because I'm busy per se - I am, but I was busy before but it never got in the way of my reading - it's more because my schedule is erratic. And being a creature of habit, I am not adjusting to the new freelance lifestyle as fast as I'd hoped.

I wouldn't sacrifice prayer, nor would I sacrifice writing time - so it's the reading time that I've had to give up. It took me two months to finish Leo Buscaglia's Love - which is unacceptable considering it was just about a hundred pages, give or take. I've finished trilogies over weekends (Millennium Trilogy and yes, Fifty Shades of Grey, haha!), so it's not that I don't have the drive to read. It's really the irregularity of my schedule that throws me off.

Or yeah, I guess I'm just making excuses.
But now I plan to redeem myself, and I will start with one small step - never leave the house without a book. I can read while waiting for people, while dining out, while whatever - every minute counts, so I shouldn't be wasting any. The next book on my queue is U2 by U2, the autobiography of one of the greatest rock bands ever. I'm starting tonight! :)


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