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Although I like science fiction movies, I'm not a huge fan of books from this genre; in fact, I've only ever read one sci-fi novel, and that's Dune by Frank Herbert. One of my college friends, Mon, loaned me his copy for a week, which I didn't really need because I devoured the book overnight. The award-winning novel, published in 1965, was just absolutely impossible to put down once you've started.
The novel is set in a distant future where noble families from a galactic feudal society fought over control of the desert planet Arrakis, where the spice called melange is harvested. The spice advances one's mental abilities; for travel, it allows navigators to "fold space,"  turning voyages that would otherwise take years into brief trips. Paul from the House Atreides is the protagonist of the novel, which in parts is told in the voice of Princess Irulan, the daughter of the ruling emperor.

I can't say that the book converted me to a sci-fi fan, but I am definitely a fan of this one because it's still a very human story. It explores universal themes of power and betrayal, love and loss, friendship and rivalries, as well as religion, ecology, and technology. Star Wars may be the most popular sci-fi franchise ever, but Dune is, in my opinion, the most intelligent one.

P.S. In 1984, the book was adapted to film by David Lynch. It starred Kyle McLachlan as Paul, and Sting as Feyd-Rautha from rival House Harkonnen. It was actually a good movie, although a lot of details had to be left out. Even if you watch it, I'd still recommend that you read the novel. :)


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