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I don't need an online brain test to know that I am a highly-logical person. Although some people I meet assume that I have more creative leanings because of the circumstances where I meet them , I will be the first to admit that I have a dominant left brain. My creative friends have it the other way around, and I am a bit envious of their incredible gift. 
The human brain
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It's difficult for left-brain people like myself to embrace the non-linear process of the non-dominant side of our brains, and for good reason - logic almost always has guaranteed results. One plus one is two, period. Two plus two is four, period. And so on. But if there's one thing I subscribe to, it's the belief that there is a way to strike a balance between logic and creativity. 

On job interviews, whenever I get asked what my strengths are, among my default answers is that I am a creative problem-solver. I believe that there are 20 million ways to accomplish anything, and the real task is to determine the best approach. For this reason, I make it a point to try to add a flair of madness to my method. (This shows in my writing, actually - the method is more pronounced than the madness. But writing is writing, and I'll get better at it if I keep doing it.)

On more than one occasion, I've opted for the unconventional, against my natural inclinations. This led to numerous conflicts with my logical superiors at work during my time as a corporate slave. For the record, a great deal of my ideas have blown up in my face, and I've had to pay for those mistakes. But I don't regret making them, because those decisions have advanced my pursuit of creativity. 

Deep down, I know that I will always, always be a left-brainer - it's my nature, and I'm hardwired to be logical. But there's always a means to workaround one's limits, and yes, sometimes that entails going against every fiber of your being. The key? Let go. The crazy ones change the world. 


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