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I spent half my college years chasing after bands that I loved, moreso when I was still with my ex-boyfriend, who was a musician. I'd watch gigs at least once a week. One of the bands I religiously followed then, like a groupie sans the sexual favors, was iconic Filipino hard rock group Razorback. I haven't been to any of their gigs in a while, so when I learned that the band was playing in 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub, I begged my friend Franco to get me and my ultimate ka-bromance Jan on the guest list.
Photo by my fave bro, Jan Adora
To say that it was awesome is the understatement of the year, but it's really the only word I can think of right now. The boys have not lost their touch, and it seems that they just keep getting better with age. Louie Talan, my bass hero (along with Mally Paraguya, of course!), did a brief solo that just blew me away! Kevin is crazy as ever - he asked the crowd if there were any acid heads, and he said that they were a "dying breed." Haha!

And Tirso Ripoll is just... Dreamy. Haha! My ex-boyfriend referred to him as my "other boyfriend," because I've had a huge crush on him since the first time I watched him play the guitar solo on Tikman ang Ulan at a gig in Club Dredd Eastwood. Jaw-dropping then, jaw-dropping still. I loved every minute of their set at 12 Monkeys, where they also did a cover of Helter Skelter by The Beatles.

I was such a fangirl that night! I even wore heels for fear of not being able to get a clear view of the stage (I changed into flats after the set, haha!), so I was rocking to the beat a full six inches taller than I normally am. I came from dinner with friends in Eastwood before I headed back to Makati, so I was wearing a dress that, in hindsight, was rather inappropriate for a rock gig.

But it doesn't matter - I was there for the music and nothing but. I wanted to get Louie to sign my bass, but sadly, I don't have a decent guitar case at the moment. I also wanted to wear their 20th anniversary shirt, but I didn't because I cut it up like a crazy person (I only meant to wear it inside the house). Maybe I'll order a new one. Yeah, yeah, I'm an incoherent fan right now. So I'll shut up and listen to their music on repeat.


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