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Dumaguete is a city of amazing musical talent, and I'm incredibly grateful to have friends here! I wasn't able to sing anywhere on my first visit two years ago - not because I was chicken or anything, but because there really wasn't an opportunity. My travels then took me out of Dumaguete; it's only now that I'm really spending most of my time here.
Hopia X Isay @ El Amigo! CHOS
So anyway, I got to sing in El Amigo, the new Minimik, and I love that I got to collaborate with Hope Tinambacan, lead vocalist of Hopia, one of the best bands I've ever heard in recent years! :) We sang You Were There, and yeah, I'll admit I really struggled. Haha! The performers didn't really have any of the songs I usually sing in their repertoire. But I'm not complaining - I just sang for fun and I loved every minute of it.


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