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70s Bistro in Anonas, Quezon City is a very, very memorable place for me. It's where Wunjo had their pre-hiatus gig some time in 2006. And it's where POT had their reunion gig - I fainted then because there were just too many people fighting for air in there. Haha! Good thing I was with friends then who helped me out.

Anyway,  my friend Annaise invited me to sing at a benefit gig for dogs, and of course I just had to say yes! The opportunity to perform in 70s Bistro, where a lot of the really great musicians have shared their music, was too good for us to decline. Good thing our schedules matched! :)
Eyes closed, with feelings!
(photo by Ava Zabat)
It rained that day, so getting to QC was just HELL. I got stuck in traffic, so I was 30 minutes late! But it's okay because my being late resulted in us fronting the AMAZING Cookie Chua. Joey Ayala also performed that night! What an honor to be on the same fracking stage! :)

For this gig, Gershwin and I welcomed Bok Corpuz to Manaha, and he's currently the lead guitarist.  We sang three songs; we only had time for two, actually, but the crowd asked for an encore! WOW. Our first encore, haha! We performed Mulat and Kalaro, and finally, Pag-Amin, which I dedicated to all the torpe people in the crowd. :) Here's a video of Mulat:

I named him Joey Ayala.
(photo by Fatima Torres)
They gave me a teddy bear, too! Thank you, Save ALL, for having us! :)


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