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Okay, I think I'm getting a little addicted to this. Haha! I have two tattoos at the moment.

My first is the Greek word eudaimonia, a Greek term I learned while studying Aristotelian philosophy back in college. I had it done on my upper left arm, and I barely felt any pain. The word loosely translates to happiness, which, as I always say, the one thing anyone should decide to be daily, and should aspire to give other people.

The second is my mother's childhood nickname, Eli, on my right wrist. I had it done on a recent trip to Dumaguete. My mother passed away in 2010, and although I don't really need anything new to keep her memory alive, I wanted to pay homage to the greatest woman to ever walk the earth.

Yes, both my tattoos are words, and the ones I plan to get in the near future are words, as well. I have four in mind, all done in my handwriting.
The four words
1. NEL. I'm not sure if this is my father's childhood nickname, as well, but this is what my mother used to call him. I'll have it done also on my right wrist, under my mother's name, and when I do, I'll be sure to have a bottle of beer nearby. Or two.

2. EROL. Okay, so my brother's name is spelled Erroll, but six letters is a tad too much for my small wrist so I have to edit a little. I'll have this done under my father's name. That completes my immediate family. I may have a world of my own most of the time, and I may be with my friends more than I am with my family, but at the end of the day, these are the people who unconditionally have my back.

3. LEAP. I plan to have this tattooed on my left ankle. It was a choice between leap or jump, but I decided to go with the former as it implies a horizontal movement in addition to the vertical one. It's also a commemoration of the literal leap I took in Salagdoong Beach in Maria, Siquijor, the one that freed me from a number of debilitating fears.

4. FLY.  And because I'm all about balance, I have to get one on my right ankle, as well. If I can take the pain, I'll get them done on the same day. I chose fly because it's what you do after you leap, be it for some nanoseconds when sprinting, or a few seconds before hitting the water when jumping off a cliff.

While most people get image tattoos, I'm admittedly not a visual person, which is why I choose to go with words. I have absolutely no gift in illustrations; anything I draw somehow looks like a cockroach. Before anything else, I am a writer, so I instinctively think in words, not pictures.


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