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12:00:00 AM

This day and age, it makes me sad that there are times when you still have to state the obvious - which is what I'm about to do now. Here are the things you should NEVER buy from the ukay-ukay, NO MATTER HOW CHEAP THEY MAY BE:

1. Swimwear.
Please, no.
(image from the internet)
2. Underwear and any form of lingerie.
Again, please, no.
(image from the internet)
As it is, ukay-ukay shopping is not the most sanitary shopping experience there is, so don't add insult to injury by buying intimate wear. What if the previous owner had herpes or something? Not all viruses can be killed by a warm wash with antibacterial detergent, so are you really going to take that risk?

To me, this is obvious, but I'm posting it anyway. For those who may not know that this is supposed to be common knowledge.


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