Forced to go on break

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I think that, so far, I've built the reputation of being a workaholic among the people who train in BAMF MMA Center because every time I'm there, right before/after training, I'd be facing my trusty Lenovo laptop (or sometimes, I'd even be reading a book in between rounds of boxing). Maybe I bit off more than what I can chew, because truth be told, I don't get to unwind anymore. I've had to sacrifice sleep, reading time, writing time - basically me time.
I have to be reminded that it's okay.
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But I have friends who force me to go on break, and I'm grateful.

A few weekends back, I watched my friends Abi, JR, and Franco compete in the 2014 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu National Championships, and because Franco won Gold on the first day (Gi), he treated us to ramen in Yushoken, and he gave me the grand tour of Alabang Town Center, haha! We ended the evening with coffee in Makati.
My first movie in AGES.
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The following day, he won again (No Gi), and we all watched Guardians of the Galaxy in Greenbelt after play time with their dogs and dinner in Yoshinoya. Noemi, Franco and JR's sister, joined us then. I got some work done over that weekend - yes, I had my laptop with me the whole time - but I still managed to squeeze in some time away, and that's what mattered.

At the gym, Franco would make an effort to get me away from my laptop by making me do weights before I work out. JR would always invite me to go La Salle for Happy Thursday, and sometimes I'd actually show up and grab a few beers. I've had some dates, too, and some catch-up sessions with friends I rarely see like Bianca and J-Sio. I even had gigs, thanks to Paul!

I don't know what I did right to deserve the awesome friends that I have, and I'm not about to question being blessed. I'll just be thankful that I have them around.


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