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My first and last night in Dumaguete this year was made extra fun and extra crazy by BEER PONG in Hayahay! I've been drinking for a long time now - and I'm quite familiar with a number of drinking games - but I've never tried beer pong until this year! There aren't really a lot of beer pong joints in Manila anyway, and the few that I've been to are almost always full.
Hayahay: Where the beer pong fun is :)
Bitch got balls
I struggled with the game at first; my on-again, off-again love affair with basketball made my shots a tad too strong! I actually had to step a couple of meters away from the table just to keep the ball from going astray. It took me a million tries before I hit my first shot, and being a very competitive person, that was unacceptable! I hate not having trash talking rights. Blech.
First night
When we played on my last night there, I was already too exhausted from the travel and from fever that I decided to pull a chair near the table and play while sitting down. Surprisingly, it improved my game - I made more shots seated than I did standing. We ended up winning the second round! My teammate, Hopia, was pleased. Haha! :)
Last night
The best part about beer pong is that no matter who wins, everybody gets drunk. See below.
I can explain...
This September, after my event in Cebu, I plan to take a detour to Dumaguete before I go back to Manila. Beer pong is definitely the first thing on my itinerary.


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