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I met Francesco through common friends, Anna and Chase (read about our ukay-ukay trippy in Cubao!), the night we were sending Chase off to the US. We had dinner in Cafe Via Mare in Greenbelt, and then we walked to Red Box for some good old karaoke! Chase is a really awesome singer and I kinda felt bad that I only got to hear her sing the night before she left! :(

Anyway, Francesco's Italian, so he would "scold" me on Facebook for eating Jolly Spaghetti - which is one my favorite guilty pleasures! Haha! We both like rock music, plus he's a bassist and I'm learning to be one! He's also a customer of my alcohol side business - he got a bottle of Glenlivet for a really good price! Yay!

So anyway, this is a blog post of three firsts.
Perfect with a bottle of wine
(photo from the internet)
A while back, we had dinner and wine in Straight Up Bar, a roofdeck bar and restaurant in Seda Hotel in BGC, Taguig. Francesco ordered a bottle of wine for the two of us, which we downed over conversation interrupted only by bathroom breaks! I really couldn't remember much about the wine except that it was a bit on the sweet end so I liked it a lot. The food was okay; I wasn't disappointed or anything, mainly because I kept my expectations quite low - it's not a dinner place to begin with.

But it was a lovely place, and the view of the Bonifacio Global City skyline was very, very nice. From work, I went straight there, so the view was definitely refreshing. But because of a work-related emergency, I had to go back to the office at midnight (yes, people, sh*t happens), cutting the night short. I'm glad that I'm doing freelance work now (and I hope I don't get tempted by corporate stability again)!

After that evening, my life got way too busy that we didn't get to talk much for a long time. We'd exchange a few words on Facebook or on Google+, and we'd try to plan to see each other and catch up, but nothing ever pans out. We once bumped into each other in Bugsy's - he was there for the World Cup, and I was there to celebrate my brother AR's birthday. It was from there that we finally decided that we just HAD TO meet up!
(photo from the internet)
It happened in a week or so that we found ourselves in Motorino Authentic Napoletana Pizza in Greenbelt 3 (near the cinemas). In his words, "This restaurant saved my life in Manila!" From the mouth of an Italian man, that means a lot! I've tried one too many pizzas in my life as a land mammal, and all were good, but this one is just on a level of its own!
Luke, I am your father.
(photo from the internet)
Francesco and I had one pizza each (I eat like a beast because I train like one!) - he had Prosciutto Di Parma, while I ordered Margherita with American bacon topping. Oh my goodness, it was just too good! It's a bit pricey, but it's well worth what you pay for. I love that you can see the oven from the dining area of the restaurant - it reminds me of Darth Vader.
I did it!
(image from the internet)
All the photos in this post are grabbed from the internet because of the third first: My phone died, and I didn't beg the waiters to charge it for me. I wasn't able to take any photos, but I wasn't able to take any more phone calls or messages by 10:00 PM. I went totally offline for a couple of hours. I'm not sure what I missed, but frankly, I couldn't care less - in fact, I'm glad I missed them. I've forgotten how it feels to really be with another person without reaching out for my phone. It's a healthy exercise in shared humanity and I'm grateful for it.


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