FTF / Maybe I should have gone to DLSU

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If only for the food! Haha! So my friend JR, coach of the DLSU Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team, gave me the "campus tour" outside the actual campus. He invited me for what they call "Happy Thursday," and my goodness, kids these days are WILD! Haha! I felt so old there, which is understandable because I left college seven years ago.
The best!
So anyway, before the drinking commenced, we had dinner in Carics in Agno, a small compound right outside the DLSU Campus occupied by a lot of food vendors. And at first bite of my bactapsilog (bacon and tapa, sinangag and itlog), a part of me wished that I went to this school instead because we didn't have anything like this in Ateneo. Sorry, I LOVE Manang's, but I'm not a huge fan of grilled food so I prefer the food in Carics.

Best part about it is it's CRAZY CHEAP. When I was still a swimmer, my allowance in Ateneo was never enough to keep me well-fed (which is one of the main reasons why I quit the team). The same amount in DLSU, spent at Carics, would have kept me an athlete! Haha!

JR made me try baby back ribs, too, and it was beyond yummy! Friends, I don't care which school you went to, but if you want the best baby back ribs in Manila, Carics is your spot!

P.S. I've visited again recently, and I got to try chicken asiago. It. Was. Awesome.
I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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